The Importance of Self-Confidence In The Workplace

Confidence is radiant; you’ve seen it, right? You have probably admired it in others but have shied away from the idea. Maybe it is just not for you, maybe it is just not part of your personality. Self-confidence is a cultivated trait, It can be acquired over time with the right mindset.


Assertive, Yet Humble?

It is your vulnerabilities that make you human, they humble you. However, humility and confidence can and should coexist. An innate lack of self-esteem is a rabbit hole that leads to a host of other personal issues. Your mental health becomes at risk, and your decision-making process becomes severely impaired. This is compounded in your place of work where assertiveness and concise decision-making are a necessity, especially in management positions. With that in mind let us explore the importance of being self-confident as you go about your 9 to 5.


1. Get Your Ideas Across – Confident Contributions at Work

As brilliant as you are, the only way to get your innovative ideas heard is if you share them. Thanks to human nature, part of you will always be afraid of rejection and having your idea turned down. Believing in your ideas should be common practice. If you really think about it, it is both a little selfish and a waste of potential if your contribution remains within you. Practice having self-confidence which will allow you to see the benefit from any criticism that results from you sharing your ideas.


2. Get Your Worth – Ask for What You Deserve

The last thing you want is to earn less than you deserve. Many people are stuck at a certain level in the workplace because they are afraid of asking for a deserved raise or promotion that is long overdue. Without self-confidence you will have a hard time making your case as to why you deserve the upgrade. Even worse, you may be too shy to put your name in the running for opening positions within your workplace. With self-confidence you will take the necessary steps to ask for that raise or get that promotion. Go for it!


3. Mutual Respect among Colleagues – A Valued Co-Worker

A lack of self-confidence and self-esteem will make other people walk all over you. In the workplace, people will likely take advantage of your timid nature to overwork you or deny you deserved privileges. You will also find that radiant confidence and self-belief will get you the belief and respect you deserve from your colleagues. In a supervisory role, it makes you assertive, decisive and someone your subordinates look up to. Now how does that sound?


4. Self-Belief – Even in the Darkest Days

In turbulent times, you will always have to dig deep and find the strength to move on. A bad experience like being laid off has the potential of irreparably damaging your confidence, but self-belief goes a long way in ensuring that does not happen.

Discover or Re-Ignite your Self-Confidence

If you are struggling with self-confidence and low self-esteem, the ripple effect can be quite widespread. Getting help is a great way to either discover your inner strength for the first time or re-ignite a flame that was previously present within you. Whether in the workplace or generally in life, the importance of self-confidence cannot be overstated.