Meditation for Self-Development

What is meditation?

Meditation is a technique used to manage our way of thinking by regulating on the flow of thoughts. In simple words, it is a brain exercise. Meditation practice helps to change our attitude towards challenging situations. Meditation is much more than a spiritual practice. Spending time to watch your mind and thoughts, by understanding its qualities, is essential for your self-development. Meditation practice can be seen as exploring your own mind and thoughts. When we talk about self-development, first thing is to watch ourselves – physically and mentally.

Each of us may have experienced a restless mind in times of trouble. Let us look at an example related with our mind and ourselves – most of us are so cautious while crossing a busy road. Vehicles pass towards both the sides. We must watch the traffic carefully before we cross, ensuring that the vehicles do not hit us. Now, compare the vehicles with your thoughts and you as the mind. A similar situation is experienced during meditation. Meditation is watching your mind and thoughts carefully. Watching the mind means watching the flow of thoughts.  We do not know the source and destination of the thoughts. Thoughts subside after a while, just like an empty road. You are acting as a witness while practicing meditation. Awareness is developed gradually by experiencing this state of mind. This state of mind can be experienced only with continuous and regular practice of meditation. The mind is trained gradually to ignore the unwanted thoughts. The mind will react only after watching the thoughts. 

Having clarity of your mind in both your personal and professional life is crucial. Our mind sometimes gets cluttered with different type of thoughts. As the world is moving so fast with technology. Training the mind to face a difficult situation is important. In this modern world, we are all in a race to compete. The mind needs to be calm to balance the bustle of life.

So, you are now asking – can I practice meditation? Yes, it is just a matter of interest or inclination to start meditation.  You start experiencing the inner peace and serenity without delay. Along with it, there will be qualities you will start experiencing in your day-to-day life. They are none other than optimism, positivity, concentration and awareness.  Positivity blooms in and around us. It will be visible across our activities including the words, deeds and actions.

Benefits of Meditation with continuous practice include:

Increase clarity of thoughts: Calmness of the mind means a state when thoughts subside. This state of mind can be experienced in the initial stages itself. Experience can be gained not by spending time to sit for meditation, rather how focused you are during the practice. It is even possible to decide on the matter you want to think. No thoughts can bother you or create imbalance in the mind. You start getting clarity by ignoring or removing the unwanted thoughts. This has direct impact on the memory power. Memory increases with the increase in analytical capability of the mind. Mind automatically becomes alert and cautious. This will increase your confidence level.

Increase in productivity: It is quite natural that a calm mind can focus much more on routine activities. There is no room for tension, worries or anything that can bother you. We have all experienced the draining of energy because of mental stress and anxieties. We may also fall into a lethargic attitude. We may lose focus, interest in our routine activities.  Benefits of meditation includes analysing situations to become more productive. We do get a better understanding about the situation.

Relaxation from mental & physical stress: Meditation is considered as part of yoga. Yoga says that human brain is connected with organs. The mind is relaxed when our thoughts are quiet, and our mind is calm. You can get relieved from physical stress along with the relaxation from the mental stress. This is yet another benefit of meditation practice. A scenic or natural place can easily influence the peace of the human mind. The Mind automatically calms down in such a place.

Emotional Wellbeing: This is very much essential to lead a peaceful and harmonious life. There are some instances when we get short fused, shout at others for childish reasons. We may later realise that the reaction was not wise. Sometimes we have the guilty feeling after the reaction. Manifestations of the emotional trauma can be controlled with regular practice of meditation. Once we start watching the mind, the response to a given situation can be managed reasonably.

Physical & Mental awareness increases: Another benefit of meditation practice is gaining awareness. You learn to become more aware of all your thoughts. Your spoken words and actions are synchronized with the help of the practice of meditation.

How do I practice meditation?

Meditation can be experienced just by closing your eyes, sitting with a straight spine. If possible, bring your focus on the nostrils and watch your breathing. There is no need to put conscious effort while breathing. Different type of thoughts might arise in the initial stages. The manifestation of thoughts is through words and deeds. It is more easy to gain concentration & awareness if the practice is by focusing on the breath. Stillness of the mind can be experienced in the gap between the inhalation and exhalation. As you continue the practice, more awareness can be gained during the physical activities. Now why not give meditation a try?