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Meditation for Self-Development

Meditation is a technique used to manage our way of thinking by regulating on the flow of thoughts. In simple words, it is a brain exercise. Meditation practice helps to change our...  more  

How To Boost Emotional Resilience

What is emotional resilience and why is it so important? Whether you like it or not, life is not a smooth and easy road. From time to time you’re going to suffer setbacks and defea...  more  

Self-Confidence In The Workplace

Confidence is radiant; you’ve seen it, right? You have probably admired it in others but have shied away from the idea. Maybe it is just not for you, maybe it is just not part of y...  more  

3 Effective Tips to Increase Self-Esteem

Feeling low, unmotivated or a failure! Take heart, it’s part of being human and having feelings. There comes a time when uncertainty and self-doubt cast a dark cloud of despair ove...  more