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I am a Certified Professional Life Coach & Consultant specialising in all things confidence: workplace confidence, self-esteem & personal development, setting goals and emotional resilience. I help individuals who suffer with confidence in their professional or personal life, by bringing a unique personal style to coaching. Originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zambia, I arrived in the UK at the age of 8 years old after tragically losing my parents and struggled with my confidence. I grew up in a small town in Yorkshire, before moving to Kent to study for my Bachelor of Laws.

I completed my law degree, then worked in the legal profession where I gained significant experience and knowledge. Soon after, I began working in client services for the likes of Goldman Sachs where I learned much about the corporate workplace.

Having faced significant challenges in my own life I wanted to give back. I wanted to help and support people to tackle the problems that they were facing in their own life. It was from this that I first began to take an interest in coaching and consulting and created Theresa Celine Coaching & Consulting.


I believe I can help my clients get to their destination by using a combination of coaching and consulting. I offer my clients a non-judgemental approach by providing a respectful and confidential coaching relationship. Taken together with my knowledge and challenging personal life experiences, I have a great deal to offer my clients. I have managed to turn my negative life experiences into a positive one and I want to do the same for my clients through my support and guidance as a certified professional life coach.
I look forward to helping you discover and develop yourself.








Having suffered significant hardships in my life it was important that I never let these define me, and this is at the core of what I offer. However big the challenge that you face in your life, you should never be made into a victim.

You should always believe in yourself and in your power to forge your own path in life no matter the obstacles. Don’t let any system or person define you, only you should be able to do that. If you’re here, it means you’re already aware of something you’d like to change about yourself.

If you’d like to learn more about my personal development and confidence coaching in London, the UK and Internationally please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me at Theresa Celine Coaching & Consulting. I offer face-to-face sessions in London, the UK and Internationally and online sessions through videoconference.







I can’t thank Theresa enough for the confidence she has brought back to me....

4 weeks ago, I signed up to Theresa Celine coaching program and we worked on “Self Esteem and Personal Development”. Having been made redundant from my work place recently has really taken a toll on my self-esteem. We looked through my career history and saw that I have worked in many different industries but have mastered none, so Theresa gave me some tools on how to pick a field and really develop in that area. So, I picked the corporate world. For 12 weeks, 1 hour each week we got together and focused on a few main areas in the workplace that I needed help with, for example communication and time management. I was amazed how just subtle tweaks in those areas could have a huge impact in the delivery of my communication style. Theresa really gave me the confidence to say what I needed to say but with more clarity and precision and make an impact in my communication, not only for in my future work place but for every area of my life. I can’t thank Theresa enough for the confidence she has brought back to me. Victoria B   |   20/08/2020  |   Isle of Dogs

I found Theresa very friendly and professional to work with....

I took part in the self-esteem & personal development 6-hours package, over a three months period. Our key was to follow a step-by-step journal/storytelling to ensure I achieved my desired outcome! I found Theresa very friendly and professional to work with, we would talk throughout the week to catch up on my progress. I would definitely recommend her if you're serious about wanting change. Samantha Macintosh   |   17/08/2020  |   Sevenoaks, Kent

Her approach is very professional and easy-going ...

Theresa provided me with an excellent service for her self-esteem & personal development 6-hour package coaching. Her approach is very professional and easy-going but direct. Georgios   |   30/08/2020  |   Battersea, London